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Maggie lay cradled between his thighs, half naked and masturbating. He’d always known she was sexy, but this took amazing to a whole new level.

Shane’s dick had never hurt more in his life than it did right now. He was so hard he couldn’t imagine why Maggie’s back wasn’t in pain. She continued to press into him, her hand making jerky movements in her panties, her breaths coming in quick little pants. She was close, but she was rushing it, like she had to hurry to get to the finish line.

The smell of her arousal filled the air, and he tensed to stop himself from flipping her over and satisfying his own needs.

He needed to touch her, remind her he was there, part of this. He reached out with a trembling hand, fear rushing through him as a reminder that he might push too hard and screw this up. Hurting her would tear him apart.

He brushed his fingers on her arm to gauge her reaction. She kept going, so he stretched his arm along hers until his hand lay on top of hers in her underwear. His intrusion hadn’t interrupted her rhythm. With his hand over hers, he slowed the pace. She whimpered and thrust her hips.

Kissing her neck again, he took note that her eyes remained closed. He briefly wondered where her mind was but ultimately he didn’t care. She was here with him, trusting him with this. His teeth grazed her skin and he nibbled on her earlobe. A slight shudder ran through her.

His free arm circled her waist, keeping her close. Holding her in place, he reached beneath her shirt, following along her other hand, and found her nipple. Her fingers had stopped moving and she allowed him to take over, rolling her hard nipple between his thumb and finger.

Her head lolled against his shoulder in surrender. Her hips rolled up to meet his attention, and she pulled her hand out from under his, leaving him to continue alone. She raised her left arm up behind her and held his head while her right hand braced against his thigh.

She licked her lips, and it was the hottest fucking sight he’d ever laid eyes on. She was slick and hot. Blood pounded through him. With two fingers inside her, he pressed against her clit with his thumb and her back arched up. Moaning, she scrambled both away from him and toward him.

He released her nipple and clamped down on her waist. As soon as he did it, he feared she’d freeze up.


He loosened his grip a fraction. “Do you need me to stop?”

Her hips continued their frantic movement, and she swung her head side to side.

“I need to hear it, Maggie.”

“No, God, no. Don’t stop. Please.” The hand on his thigh slapped down hard and her fingers pressed into his flesh, nails biting.

He gave her enough room to buck and writhe, but he held her and moved with her from behind, his cock so hard it was invincible.

Her inner muscles squeezed his fingers and he knew she was there. Maggie, however, seemed to be caught off guard. Her entire body stiffened, and she clutched at his neck behind her. He continued to stroke her and kiss her as she broke. Her body shuddered and her thighs trembled between his.

Although he had no idea what was going on behind her closed eyelids, he got no small amount of male satisfaction of feeling the tremors run through her.

As her body calmed, he removed his fingers but kept his hand in place, covering her. Her arms relaxed and slid away from him. He figured that was his cue to get out of her pants. After a minute more of heavy breathing, she covered her face. “Oh, my God,” she mumbled from behind her fingers.

Crap. Now he was going to have to deal with her being embarrassed? “Maggie.” He tugged her hands away.

She turned and her face was filled with happiness. “That was so fucking amazing. Thank you.” She leaned forward and kissed him hard. “Thank you. Thank you.”

He smiled as she moved back. “I take it it was good for you.”

She swatted at him again. “You know it was. It was like somewhere deep in my memory, I knew it could be that good, but I haven’t, you know, not on my own.” Her face scrunched up then. “But you…” She waved in the general area of his still hard dick.

“I’m fine.” Which was a total lie.