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I rarely have dessert because I would probably weigh a thousand pounds if I ate it routinely. I love dessert, so I remove temptation. In the books of my O’Leary series, I’ve added a recipe that belongs to one of the characters. In MORE ┬áTHAN THIS (book #1), I made Comfort Cookies. To come up with the recipe, I spent a weekend baking various types of chocolate cookies. In A GOOD TIME (book #2), it was Quinn’s Irresistible Chocolate Cake. I was lucky with that one because I managed to nail the recipe for the cake and the frosting in one shot. For SOMETHING TO PROVE (book #3 – due out January 2014), I stayed away from sweets and went with Irish Soda Bread. More baking, multiple recipes.

I’m drafting book #4 now and I usually don’t worry about recipes until I have the first draft done, but I’m really thinking that Moira needs brownies. Mmmm…more chocolate, more baking, more taste testing (at least my kids love it)



What’s your favorite dessert?

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