Cookie Day!

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Every year for the past 27 years (damn, I sound really old when I write it like that), my best friend and I have gotten together to bake Christmas cookies. It’s one of the few traditions that is important to me. We’ve done it for so long that we almost have it down to a science. We bake all day and then pack up what feels like a gazillion cookie tins to give away to people.┬á

This year has been rough for both of us. It’s been one of those years where you just can’t wait for it to be over, but cookie day was still a success. It’s extra fun now that our kids are all older. My girls occupied themselves building and decorating gingerbread houses and helping with the cookies they like to make. My son and her boys spent a chunk of the day building a desk for my son (when they weren’t wrestling in the leaves outside). That meant that my best friend and I got a whole lot of quality time together which is in short supply these days.

By the end of the day, I think we made about 25 different kinds of cookies. We’ve never tried to count how many dozens that is because then we really would sound crazy. But in addition to hanging out with my friend, we give these treats to teachers and neighbors and friends and we know it brightens their days at least a little.

Now I’m off to finish scraping powdered sugar off my floors and counters ­čÖé┬á

What holiday traditions do you most look forward to?



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