Arrow – Another Tortured Hero

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I said on Tuesday that I’d be scarce for the next couple of weeks because I’m on deadline, but I had a really, really productive day yesterday. I got my page proofs for More Than This in the mail back to Kensington and I got through the first 100 pages of revisions for book 2. Surprisingly, I still like the story. Anyway, by the time 9 o’clock rolled around last night, I was pretty spent so I went to my DVR. I had the first 2 episodes of Arrow recorded because I’m a sucker for a good superhero story, but also because my son said he wanted to watch. I was going to wait to watch it with him, I really was, but then my Twitter pal Kiersten Krum had live-Tweeted some of it and I had to watch.

I was amazed at how quickly the story sucked me in. The backstory is woven in neatly as flashbacks so you don’t get overwhelmed, but you have enough to understand what’s going on. Basically, Oliver Queen was on a boat with his dad and they crashed. Oliver was the sole survivor, who lived on an island for 5 years before being rescued. Now he’s back, and using the information his father gave him, he’s cleaning up his city, and righting his father’s wrongs.

Oliver comes from a rich family, and before the crash, he was a spoiled, irresponsible socialite. His money gives him the means to go after the bad guys and his old reputation helps keep him a seemingly unproductive member of society.

What draws me in most, as usual, is the characterization. I loved the first episode so much that I went straight into the second one. I loved watching Oliver try to balance who he was with who he is without giving anything away. He struggles with making up for his past and wanting to be someone new but he can’t afford to let anyone see because he is literally surrounded by enemies. It seems like every relationship is twisted, making Oliver the ultimate in wounded heroes.

There are a lot of fun, light moments too, as you can imagine with someone who’s been away from civilization for 5 years. Sly comments — Oliver asks, “What’s Twilight?” and his best friend answers, “You’re better off not knowing.” I laughed quite a few times in the 2 episodes. Plus, Oliver is so damn sexy. He moves like a gymnast while fighting the bad guys. His body is all muscles and scars.

see? HOT!

I can’t wait to watch more of Oliver as Arrow. He’s complex and intriguing and so very yummy to watch. 

Did you watch Arrow? What did you think?

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