8 Sentence Sunday #7

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Continuing with A Good Time, Griffin and Indy have left the parking garage.

                           They walked to the elevator holding hands. The moment the doors closed and he pressed the button for his floor, Indy pushed him against the rail with her body. She kissed the V of his open collar and unbuttoned the next button, following with her tongue. Her knee nudged its way between his legs and she rubbed her body against him like a cat in heat.

                           “You might want to stop.” He felt her lips curve against his skin.


                           “We’re not alone.” 


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8 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday #7”

  1. LOL. she’s really caught up in him.

  2. Ella Quinn says:

    Almost caught. Great 8, Shannyn. I tweeted.

  3. Oh noes!!! I loved this excerpt! Can’t wait to read more and find out who’s with them in that elevator…

  4. What’s with you and elevators? 😉 Not complaining!

    Love how causally he mentions the audience factor, as if it wouldn’t bother him either way .

  5. Kate Warren says:

    LOL! That’s wonderful!

  6. Maggie Wells says:

    Great fun, Shannyn!

  7. Absolutely loved the snipped – made me laugh. Was totally surprised.