8 Sentence Sunday #7

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From Catch Your Breath, Jimmy and his partner, Gabby visit Moira to make sure she didn’t tell anyone at the party that Jimmy was there undercover.

Gabby continued, “Ms. O’Leary, did you mention to anyone that you saw Detective O’Malley at the party last night?”

“No, I thought it was Jimmy, but by the time I made my way through the crowd, he was gone and Decker said he was James Buchanan. I thought I’d imagined seeing you.”

Although Moira spoke directly to him, Gabby interrupted her. When she had Moira’s attention, she went on. “Detective O’Malley is undercover and it’s imperative that no one know his real name.”

Moira slid her gaze back to Jimmy, and being the oldest of five, he knew what was coming.

“What’s in it for me?”


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3 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday #7”

  1. Well that’s interesting. I don’t think I’d trust her, even if she gives her word to stay quiet. Great 8!

  2. Millie Burns says:

    I’m with Veronica…but Jimmy might know her type well enough to give her whatever it is she wants to keep her quiet???

  3. Well definitely a bit of mystery going on here.