8 Sentence Sunday #5

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Before we get to my 8 sentences, I want to wish a quick Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who care for others 🙂


Continuing from the same scene as last week, where Jimmy is at a charity event and almost runs into Moira:

He’d made it a few measly hours into his special assignment before being blown out of the water by Moira. The girl was a menace.

Some things never change.

As he pushed through the revolving door in the lobby of the hotel, the image of Moira’s tits stuck in his head. He tried to push the picture away. He had no right to ever think about her that way. She was Liam’s little sister, for Christ’s sake.

Nothing looked too little tonight, though.


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2 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday #5”

  1. “Nothing looked too little tonight” LOL. He’s thinKing too hard, I’d say! Great snippet!

  2. Gemma Parkes says:

    He’s already got it bad! Short and fun.