8 Sentence Sunday #4

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It’s been a long time, but I’ve been busy writing. I’m working on the next O’Leary book (Liam’s) as well as my Hot & Nerdy novellas. I’ve been having a blast, but I’ve totally neglected my blog. So I’m jumping back in with 8 Sentence Sunday.

I’m going to be giving lines from Catch Your Breath, which releases this July.

Although this isn’t from the very beginning of the book, it’s the first time Jimmy O’Malley is undercover at a charity event and almost runs into Moira O’Leary, his friend’s little sister:

 Through the crowd, he caught a glimpse of a woman with a great rack. Her tits were spilling out of the top of her green dress. Not obscenely so, but enough to draw attention.

Jimmy stared at the milky white globes barely contained by the slippery material. His eyes wandered across the expanse of skin up over her collarbone and to her face.

And then his heart stopped.

What the hell was Moira O’Leary doing here?

As if she felt him staring, she started to turn his way and he ducked a little to the side.


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8 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday #4”

  1. Anne Lange says:

    Welcome back and congrats on the upcoming release! I love the snippet. Isn’t it fantastic when the girl surprise the hell out of the guy! Always makes for a great story.

  2. Millie Burns says:

    That’s funny. He’s totally into her until he realizes who she is. Makes me wonder what their history together is.

  3. Love this eight. His friend’s kid sister all grown up with “a rack.” Funny with a lot of charm.

  4. Alexis Duran says:

    Love the surprise he gets. Fun eight – nicely done.

  5. Welcome back and an excellent excerpt! A lot going on in this scene for sure…

  6. Sarah W says:

    Love his double take (so to speak)! He might want to rearrange his visual priorities, there . . . 😀

  7. Welcome back, Shannyn! Glad you’ve been having a blast writing. The journey is important too. 🙂

    Your last line is perfect! Good 8 🙂

  8. Eleri Stone says:

    Ha! I love the moment recognition hits.