8 Sentence Sunday #38

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A little further along in Something to Prove — Elizabeth has had a rough night at her bar and she goes to O’Leary’s to relax a bit. Although Colin has seen her before, she’s never introduced herself to him. In his thoughts, he calls her Legs. We’re in Colin’s point of view for this scene.

                            Turning back to give Legs her drink, he thought he might like to have a night of something more with her. He put on his best fuck-me smile and leaned against the bar. “What do you say we get out of here?”

                            The drink in her hand bobbled and some whipped cream slipped down the side. Her face, however, showed no sign of nervousness.

                           “That’s a tempting offer. More tempting than you can know, but I have too much work to deal with.”

                           “What work needs to happen after midnight on a Sunday?”

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7 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday #38”

  1. Millie Burns says:

    Hmm, these two need to get together : ) She should let the work slide tonight.

  2. I’m with Millie, they should enjoy the evening! Love this story so far and the characters feel like real people to me, as if I know them. Great 8!

  3. Caitlin says:

    That must have been quite the smile! 😉

    She has a good poker face, but needs to work on her other tells.

  4. The whipped cream slipping down the side of the glass is an interesting visual considering the context. Very intriguing.

  5. Ha! He has all the right questions, lol! Good 8. Quite visual 🙂

  6. Nan says:

    Nice! I sure wouldn’t have had too much work to do…great 8, Shannyn!

  7. That’s a good question, the work due for Monday morning?