8 Sentence Sunday #37

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I’m fast forwarding a bit in Something to Prove. Here, Colin is at an O’Leary family dinner, something they do at least once a month.

                  Colin was struck by how much Moira looked like their mother. His sister had become a woman when he wasn’t looking. He was suddenly grateful Maggie wasn’t there to make him feel even older. Ryan said grace. Colin looked around the house and saw subtle differences. The pictures on the wall had been updated with wedding photos of Ryan and Quinn and a family portrait with everyone but him.

                  One photo of him remained on the wall: His father stood with Ryan and Colin at his side in front of the bar at O’Leary’s. One more piece of evidence that his life hadn’t moved on but everyone else’s had.


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3 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday #37”

  1. Poor Colin! I was really worried there wouldn’t be any photos of him so thank goodness for the one. (See how invested in your characters I’ve become LOL?) I hope he can take this as a sign or hint to get moving with life…great excerpt. Such “real” people!

  2. Sarah Cass says:

    Amazing how life shows us how far we go and how much we stay where we’ve always been. Well captured in a few short lines.

  3. Caitlin says:

    Pictures as a measure of life goals… Interesting. Such a vivid picture in a few words.