8 Sentence Sunday #32

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Continuing on from Just a Taste, the heroine, Carmen has spent a couple of days making calls to inform people about her dad’s death:

                                  Her whole house was crammed with people, just like it had been when her mother had died.

                                  Gus had felt like they’d needed that support and it was simply the way of her family, but she wanted peace. She needed to be alone and she couldn’t find space anywhere. It was part of the reason she made the wake only a few short hours on Sunday. People would attend the wake and come back to the house to share a meal. The faster they got her dad to his final resting place, the faster they would all move on.

                                  So she could move on.

                                  She didn’t know what that even meant.

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3 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday #32”

  1. Frank Fisher says:

    Such a sad story. A child can never move on when they lose a parent. It’s like a piece of them dies with them. Great narrative and great 8!

  2. Inner thoughts I’ve experienced many times and you’ve written them so well.

  3. She’s going to find that moving on isn’t all that smooth. Very realistic inner dialogue. Excellent excerpt!