8 Sentence Sunday #29

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Continuing with Something to Prove, Elizabeth has lost her ability to speak upon seeing Colin for the first time:

                        What was wrong with her? She didn’t do this around men. She’d had no fewer than eight different men try to pick her up tonight. This one was just doing his job, and she had to fight for focus.

                        “How about an Irish coffee?” Dark brows arched over navy eyes.

                         She cleared her throat. “Sounds good.”

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5 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday #29”

  1. J.A. says:

    Ooh, meeting a man that takes away your power of speech? Love it! Well done!

  2. It doesn’t matter how many men she has around, I guess only one is having an effect on her.

  3. At least she got a few words out, thank goodness! A very effective snippet…fun.

  4. Kate Meader says:

    She’s under his spell all right! Nice eight, Shannyn.

  5. I’m sure she’ll make his equally speechless at some point. 🙂