8 Sentence Sunday #28

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This is from Something to Prove, the first time Elizabeth walks into O’Leary’s as she’s trying to figure out how a successful bar runs. This is also the first time she sees Colin.

                                 She looked up and swallowed hard. The man in front of her was mouthwateringly gorgeous. His mussed black hair framed a face dominated by a happy-go-lucky smile. She lost her ability to form coherent sentences. “Uh…”

                                He tilted his head and studied her face. “You look beat. Tough day?”


Yeah, the O’Leary men have that effect on women.

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11 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday #28”

  1. Jess Schira says:

    “mouthwateringly gorgeous” is always a good thing 🙂

  2. Millie Burns says:

    I love his face being dominated by a happy-go-lucky smile! Wonderful.

  3. Ooh, I want more of this guy! Terrific excerpt, made me smile…

  4. J.A. says:

    I just love men that make you lose your English! Another great snippet, Shannyn. Well done!

  5. Frank Fisher says:

    He’s definitely an attractive man for her. Though that’s not what I would say to her if I was him. Interesting snippet!

  6. Michelle says:

    seems like cats got her tongue. nice to see the first time characters meet

  7. Sarah Cass says:

    Oh yummy…I wouldn’t mind a little O’Leary mind-boggle…

  8. Kate Meader says:

    Can’t what to see what you do with Colin!

  9. Caitlin says:

    Nice first meeting. Now she’s just got to get enough thoughts assembled to answer his question.

  10. I always love a man who’s so gorgeous you lose the ability to speak. ;P

    Very fun 8.

  11. Lynn Crain says:

    Wonderful snippet. I can see it all happen! Thanks for sharing your 8.