8 Sentence Sunday #23

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Since A Good Time released this week, this will be my last snippet from the book. Starting next week, I will move on to the next book in the series, Something to Prove.

From A Good Time — Last week, we left Indy running away from Griffin at the end of the wedding. Today, you get to find out why. They’ve slipped out of the wedding and Griffin is driving her home. They ride in silence for a while and then Griffin asks what’s going on.

                        “I think I might be pregnant.” The truth slipped out before she could formulate an adequate lie. She preferred the silence.

                        He whipped a corner with squealing tires. “What?”

                        The anger in his voice bounced off the closed windows. She looked up from her clasped hands.

                        His face filled with rage, and it dawned on her what her words sounded like. A chill crept down her back. “Oh, God. Not you. It’s not yours.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Griffin and Indy. For more 8 Sentence Sunday participants, go here




3 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday #23”

  1. Nice dialogue combined with emotions and action, all in very short sentences! I like your writing style 🙂

  2. Wow, tense scene and I have a feeling her comment might make the situation go from bad to worse. Excellent excerpt!

  3. What the hell is he angry about? I felt a bit sorry for him last time but this is truly putting him on my bad list.