8 Sentence Sunday #20

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From A Good Time — I’m jumping ahead a few chapters. I don’t want to give you everything after all. 🙂 Anyway, after a dress fitting for Quinn’s wedding, Indy has an idea about where to look for a house for Griffin, so she goes for a drive.

                        She drove down Chicago Avenue past the cold concrete and broken buildings. In a matter of blocks she crossed into suburbia. The dilapidated neighborhood hunched behind her as she drove through a tunnel of foliage.

                       The aging trees were so big on each side of the wide street that their boughs arched and met in the middle of the thoroughfare. The fall colors dappled in the afternoon sun. In her rearview mirror, she was hard-pressed to find even a patch of green.

                       She wound through the charming neighborhood with the feel of a small town. The downtown area bustled with independent shops—a market, coffee shop, bookstore. It reflected a settled but lively community.


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3 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday #20”

  1. Wow, this neighborhood sounds so good I want to go house hunting there! Loved all the description, terrific snippet!

  2. It seems to be an agreeable place to live in.

  3. Lovely description there.