8 Sentence Sunday #19

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Jumping a little ahead (a few lines) in Her Best Shot. Layla has bought the guy a beer and introduced herself to find that his name is Phin. They’re starting their first game of pool, where Phin will give her a lesson:

                            He leaned forward, and the roped muscles of his forearms flexed as he made his shot. He sank a solid-colored ball, but because she was too busy watching him and not the table, she didn’t see which one.

                            “Do you know the rules?”

                             She nodded. “You sank a solid, so I have stripes. Call what pocket I’m aiming for and get the balls in. Don’t sink the eight until the end.”

                             “First rule, watch the table.”


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5 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday #19”

  1. Oh, I do like this eight. She kept track of almost everything.

  2. Eleri Stone says:

    That sort of easy competence is so attractive. Love the name Phin!

  3. Maybe this will help me figure out the rules!

  4. I don’t know, this guy seems pretty darn distracting to me! Good luck to her…enjoyed the snippet. I can really picture him.

  5. Elsa Holland says:

    Nice that he knew she wasn’t watching the game 🙂