8 Sentence Sunday #16

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From A GOOD TIME — Indy and Griffin are still arguing, miscommunication being their biggest issue. After Indy has told Griffin that she won’t share her lover, he points out that her last lover was married.

                                “Separated, and they weren’t sleeping together.”

                                “According to the adulterer, who is such an honest guy you believed him.”

                                Her face reddened and her eyes blazed. “He was getting a divorce!”

                                His anger bubbled at being put in the same box with her ex. “I am not him. I don’t sleep with a woman one night and look for her replacement the next unless that’s the arrangement.”

                                “Yet you’re bringing a date to my sister’s wedding.”


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4 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday #16”

  1. Kate Warren says:

    Oh, did she fall for that “my wife doesn’t understand me, it’s been over for years, and we’re getting divorced” bit? That tactic is so old I bet the dinosaurs used it.

    Maybe Griffin RSVP’d before he met Indy? Or maybe the “date” is is his sister or cousin.

  2. Kate Meader says:

    Can’t these two just get along? I’m really enjoying the snippets from this, Shannyn. Can’t wait to read the whole thing.

  3. Obviously the issue of his bringing a date just really REALLY upsets her LOL. Another excellent excerpt!

  4. Ooo… somebody sounds jealous. LOL