8 Sentence Sunday #15

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More from Her Best Shot as Layla hits the road:

                      Layla stopped at the first gas station she found, filled up, and changed into her favorite pair of jeans and T-shirt, one of her many geek-girl shirts. It said, “Welcome to the Dork Side. We Have Pi.” Right before she left for college, she had begun collecting math-geek T-shirts. They fit her personality, and they were always a good conversation starter. She couldn’t begin to count the number of times a guy had asked her to explain her shirt (sometimes because he didn’t understand; other times because he thought she didn’t).

                     Plus, the shirts gave her an identity. She didn’t have to worry about people trying to figure out which friend she was—the smart one, the pretty one, the friendly one; her shirt said it all. Layla grabbed a ginormous Coke and a Snickers bar and tried to figure out the best route to Texas.

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4 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday #15”

  1. I do love a girl with a plan. Eager to see what happens next.

  2. LOVE this about the T shirts, very true to life, I think. Well done excerpt! Can’t wait for more, I like her ‘voice’.

  3. Caitlin says:

    Interesting t-shirt philosophy, if a little self-defeating. If she projects one thing, no one can make up their own mind about her, and might miss out.

    That being said, I’m a sucker for nerdy shirts of the book/movie type. They make me laugh–and sometimes other people, too.