8 Sentence Sunday 1

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It’s a new year and I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season. Only a few more weeks until the release of Just a Taste, so I’m going to continue offering snippets from it.

After the wake, Carmen finally gets rid of her family and thinks she’s alone until she hears a noise in the kitchen. She goes to find Liam still there, the room completely clean.

                                  Liam hadn’t noticed her presence and she watched him for a moment.

                                  He was bigger now than he’d ever been. Broader. But his red hair and freckles hadn’t changed. And those blue eyes still had the ability to mesmerize her.

                                  A flash of memory struck her: Liam, elbows-deep in the stainless sink at her father’s restaurant. Physically he’d always stood out in that kitchen, the one white guy among a bunch of Mexicans, but he fit in somehow. His love for her father’s food brought him into the fold.


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6 responses to “8 Sentence Sunday 1”

  1. Liam sounds like such a cute guy! Love a man who can cook!

  2. So perfect with the description as she observes Liam. Heartwarming.

  3. I just want to keep reading, SO intrigued by Liam! Excellent excerpt.

  4. Kate Warren says:

    Aw! I want to know more!

  5. Great snippet. It gives a real sense of Liam….oh and that he is very cute 🙂

  6. Aww, all that sounds so cute! Loving it! 🙂